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RENTING OR BUYING: what is best for you?

What you will learn:

If you have been thinking if you could actually buy a property instead of renting (and therefore giving your money away to your landlord), this Masterclass is the perfect match for you. We take a rational approach and look at the financial implications of both options. It will help you decide what is best for you: renting or owning. - Top 3 questions that people who rent have. - How to correctly compare renting and buying. - The cost of renting: real life examples. - Your landlord becomes wealthier but you don’t have an asset. - How many years to you need to work to pay 10 years of rent? Simulations. - If you have 60.000€, what can you achieve when renting? - If you have 60.000€, what can you achieve when buying? - Idem with 100.000€. - How to use financial leverage to increase your wealth. - Why leveraging does not work for other investments (stock market, bonds, funds, etc). - The impact of purchase costs and taxes. - The big misunderstanding: the real cost of a mortgage is not the monthly payback. - 3 Real life examples. The financials from their decision. - Quiz - The Cost of buying.




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