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Online course

BUNDLE: Renting (Premium) + Renting or Buying

What you will learn:

If making optimal financial decisions about your money is what you want, and you want to think 5 - 10 years ahead to be financially smart, this Bundle gives you access to the best combination! You get: - The full masterclass “RENTING (PREMIUM): Everything you need to know”. - INCLUDING: you can download all the checklists and visuals that are used in the masterclass. - INCLUDING: you can download the sample rental contract. - PLUS: the full masterclass “RENTING OR BUYING”: We offer this temporarily at a big discount. Don’t miss your chance. Prices will go up soon. This course addresses a rational comparison between renting and buying. The course is not intended to provide legal advice on renting or buying, which can be contracted separately. Course content created in October 2022. Course not including legal advice regarding the Spanish Housing Act from 2023.




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