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Americans Head to Europe for the Good Life on the Cheap

We’re thrilled to share that our company was recently featured in The New York Times for our expertise in the Spanish property market!

The article, 'Americans Head to Europe for the Good Life on the Cheap,' highlights the many benefits of relocating to Spain, and I had the pleasure of discussing this topic with the article's author during a recent interview.

Home sales to Americans have increased significantly, giving them a chance to enjoy a lifestyle they could not afford in major U.S. cities, but the influx risks upsetting local residents.

"Foreigners are plucking up homes along the Spanish Coast, from Costa Brava in the north to Andalusia in the south. Spain’s new digital nomad visa allows remote workers and freelancers to live in the country year round, as long as they earn most of their income outside of Spain and meet other requirements. Pay €500,000 in cash for property, and a foreigner can qualify for a golden visa. From January 2022 to January 2023, the number of parents from the United States looking for schools on the International Schools Database, a website, doubled, with Spain topping the list of destinations."

“If you can make €100,000 a year, you will live very well here,” said Raf Jacobs, the founder of Inspire Property Experts, a real estate consultancy that helps foreigners settle in Spain.

If you're interested in learning more about why Spain is such a great place to live and invest, check out the full story here.

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