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Client Review from Americans about Buying in Spain

In this client review, Bill and Morgan from the USA talk about their experience with Inspire Property Experts in Spain. They are an American couple that recently bought an apartment in Barcelona and happily share their story.

They provide answers to two crucial questions that are useful to know if you're an American looking to buy real estate in Spain. Watch the full video to find out why they decided to work with Inspire Property Experts and the difference between buying in the USA and in Spain.

This video can help you make better decisions and here is why; agencies in Spain are not forthcoming to buyers during the purchase process because they represent the seller's interests. The property market in Spain is a jungle, it is poorly regulated and lacks transparency.

Here are Bill and Morgan’s 9 findings on the Spanish property market and INSPIRE:

  1. “Agencies just represent the seller.”

  2. “It is very different in Spain.”

  3. “You really need an advocate.”

  4. “For several years we have been interested in buying an apartment in Barcelona, but it was hard to make progress.”

  5. “We had been looking at properties and were never able to get attention from anyone.”

  6. “Once we contacted INSPIRE Property Experts, we suddenly had direction.”

  7. “They have all the relationships that you need.”

  8. “The Euro is very weak against the US Dollar, so it was a really good time for us to buy now.”

  9. “I only wish that we had met the people at INSPIRE Property Experts earlier.”

Watch the full video here to find out more about Bill and Morgan’s experience.

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