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INSPIRE services

INSPIRE offers services to clients to make their purchase process risk and stress-free. Whether you are looking for a primary residence, a second home, one or more suitable investment properties, or even just a short stay… INSPIRE takes everything in hand. Properties are selected carefully, with secure market value. This is the big difference between INSPIRE and real estate companies. “You'll never be alone” when you have to make important decisions. The team of property finders, lawyers, architects, deal makers and mortgage specialists that they work together with, will make it a stress- and risk-free project. Taking everything in charge that gets involved with the purchase. In this way, the client doesn’t have to be bothered & worried by anything.


Real estate companies are working for the seller by selling their properties without any service or support besides the purchase.


  • Realistic planning: to help the client visualise his plans to see if it is realistic or not. Also important here is how we are going to achieve the plan. 

  • Mortgage options: Obtaining a mortgage in Spain requires a lot of paperwork and people often don’t know how to do it. With our direct contacts at the bank, we can provide our clients with all the help and information they need during this step. 

  • Property Search: Looking for a property takes time and energy, but also requires some knowledge about this domain. We as property experts with knowledge of the Spanish market, take this task entirely on us.  

  • Off-market properties: To find off-market properties, you must have a certain network and knowledge. It is difficult to look after a property that is not promoted. These properties are often very interesting and authentic. In our search we go that far for our customers, so they find their unique and special home. 

  • Pre-visits and shortlisting (in simple words- it means, previsits of the apartments/properties by Inspire, also depends on what kind of service the client takes, if its FS (Full search) we do pre-visits and a list of the apartments that we could recommend for the client, and in the end we decide one) 

  • Appraisal: Price is a very complex and relative element in the property industry. To avoid paying too much for a property, we do an appraisal to decide the correct price for it. 

  • Price negotiation: As we mentioned before, we are buyer agents who work for the buyer, not for the seller. So when the price of a property is too high, we will negotiate in order to obtain a reasonable purchase price for the buyer. In that way, money can be saved. 

  • Renovations and cost estimates: Some properties are bought in a certain state that requires renovation. With our direct connections with renovation companies, we can get a specific estimation of the total renovation cost, the duration, or the intensity of the work.  Not only the estimation but also the renovation itself can be handled by us, from the beginning to the very ending decorations. In that way, we add more value to the property. 

  • Property lawyer: In a purchase process on the Spanish property market there is a lot of paperwork involved. Some documents are more complex than others and need to be read by professionals to avoid complications after the purchase and also to communicate the information to our clients. 

  • Architect's inspection: In case of uncertainties about the building of the property or other things regarding the state of the building or the floorplan, we provide an architectural inspection. In that way, our client will have all the information about the building and can avoid unpleasant surprises. 

  • Open bank account: So as the process for a mortgage, is the process for opening a bank account also complex with a lot of paperwork. Because of our financial expertise, we can make the process less stressful and much easier. 

  • NIE number: For an official stay, a NIE number is required. Obtaining one is not that easy and again, it is complex here in Spain, especially as an expat. If you don’t really know the Spanish system and how it works, it could be a stressful process to obtain a NIE number. This is a very common topic with expats. 

  • Power of attorney(simply talking, it’s the service when the client could be in his/her country, and give power to our company’s lawyer to sign the documents and do all the process.)

  • Golden Visa (Common for Russians, Americans, or other third countries, when people want to get a residence card or passport). The minimum required investment total is 500K€. 

What INSPIRE offers?

You´ll never be alone when you have to take important decisions. Our team of property finders, lawyers, architects, deal makers and mortgage specialists will make it a stress- and risk-free project. 

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