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Golden visa in Spain 2024:How to Get Residency by Investing in Property

Updated: Mar 26

Golden Visa in Spain could be your ticket to residency! The most comfortable way to move to Spain/Europe🇪🇸

With the right approach and the availability of 500.000 euros (or more) investor residence permit will be the most convenient way to move to Spain. This scheme now works as quickly as possible and without unnecessary questions.

Here are the main advantages of this scenario:

- As before, to get a residence permit for an investor, you must buy real estate worth 500 thousand euros. But no one forbids buying a few cheaper objects. The main thing is to have half a million in total. And this opens up bright prospects. For example, you can buy an apartment near Barcelona for 200 thousand and commercial space in Barcelona for 300 thousand to receive a stable income and live on this money.

- Golden visa/Investor residence permit differs from others in that it does not bind a person to Spain. You can freely leave and enter the country. Sitting in Spain for six months is a prerequisite for other residence permits, but not for the golden visa.

- You almost instantly get a residence permit in Spain yourself and just as quickly your relatives (spouses, your children, and your parents) get it. The whole family can live in Spain and move around Europe without visas.

If you are also looking for a quick and safe way to move to Spain, contact us. We will find the perfect property for your budget and tell you the steps needed. The best experts on golden visa/investor residence permits will take you by the hand from the application to get the keys and residency cards. And if you buy a commercial property, we will also help you make money on it.

If you are interested in getting a Golden Visa in Spain, fill in the Buyer-Wishlist on our website: and we will help you to make the dream into reality!


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